Conscia MESHTM

Connect your data and applications with unparalleled speed and agility

Stop wasting time with heavy ETL frameworks that require months or even years of implementation.  It’s time to rethink integration with a truly schema-less approach.


Pick from a catalog of over 150 atomic integration tasks with 100% JSON-based configuration.

Truly Schema-less

Rigid schema mapping exercises in traditional ETL platforms are inherently fragile and brittle in nature.  A change in one point in the integration creates rework everywhere downstream.  Conscia MESH provides a schema-less integration framework that makes integration initiatives a breeze.

Massively Scalable

You can scale up or down based on the complexity of the ETL tasks and the size of the data to be processed.

Pick your mode: Batch, Streaming or Real-time

Every use case and application is different and hence it requires flexibility in how you integrate with it.  MESH offers a wide range of integration modes that allow you to connect to any application or data source at the speed and cadence it can support.

Deploy on-premise, in private cloud or let us take care of it in our cloud.  It’s your choice.