Is your data ready to be found?

The first Search Solution in the market that offers AI-powered control over the data indexed by the search engine.

Gain Full Control Over Data

  • Taxonomy management and rule-based dynamic assignments
  • Auto-categorization using domain-specific machine learning models
  • AI-powered Data standardization and normalization for better navigation and browsability
  • Business-led meta-data tagging for personalization, content analytics and better findability
  • Data Quality and completeness checks prior to publishing to your search engine

Meta-Data Management

The most comprehensive search solution in the market!

  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Enrichment
  • Taxonomy Management and Dynamic Assignment of taxonomy to searchable records
  • Keyword Redirects based on partial/wildcard/exact/regex matches
  • Fine-grained control over Search Relevance
  • Connect to systems of insight in real-time for customer context

Built for Business AND IT


Most Search solutions in the market are built for only one of these audiences.  Without constant collaboration of IT and Business, an optimal search solution is simply not possible.  Conscia offers business-friendly interfaces along with powerful APIs for IT to enable the most powerful search experiences.

Complete deployment flexibility


Your IT infrastructure is becoming more and more complex every day.  This is why you need complete freedom over where search fits into your architecture.

  • Deploy On-Premise, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or in Conscia Cloud
  • Bring your own Search Engine to pair with VUE’s Data Intelligence or allow us to provide and manage a full Search Solution.